One Year…

One Year…


One year has passed since we moved to Nova Scotia from Moncton, New Brunswick, following our internships.

 One year has passed since the last time either of us had a steady, everyday job.

 One year has passed since we have had a home of our own.

 One year has passed and we have accomplished so much…

Stephen has lost over 125 lbs. since January 2.

We both graduated University with honours in May.

We are both in much better shape than the day we arrived in Nova Scotia.

We have walked many, many kilometers.

We have grown in our relationship and our love for one another.

We have learned to trust God – things are not always easy or the way we expect them to be, but God always has it under control.

We have developed relationships and experiences that we never would have had if we were tied down to a job.

We have been free to help others, to give back in our community, our friendships, and the world.

We have been able to encourage, love and pray for two beautiful sponsor children, Gelaye and Sreynich.

 One year has passed and some really interesting/fun things have happened for us…

We visited the International Peace Gardens and a Taxidermy Museum.

Our cat, Neko, has learned to fetch.

We worked our way through the entire series of Prison Break – and we’re just about ready to do that again! 🙂

We worked our way through the entire series of The Mentalist – now we have to wait every week for a new episode (which kind of sucks haha.)

Our church got a pair of new pastors, whom we also went to college with.

We started volunteering in a youth group again.

We have played numerous games of Rummoli with my in-laws and husbands’ grandparents.

I began tutoring privately. I get to set my own hours, charge my own fees, develop my own lessons, and I enjoy it immensely – I only wish there were more parents out there willing to hire me!

Both of our cats celebrated their first birthday – as did our rats. (We threw the rats a party, but were away for the cats’ birthday. Haha.)

We both turned 27. We celebrated our fourth anniversary.

We lived. We loved. We laughed.

And we’d do it all again.

Not to say that there haven’t been struggles, difficulties or frustrations this past year – but we have been pretty darn blessed.

We haven’t been lonely. We haven’t been hungry.  We haven’t been on our own to try to make it.  We haven’t been without things we really, really needed – we haven’t even been without those things we could probably have lived without if we had to.  God has been and continues to be good. He has provided for us. He has taken care of us. He has given us more than we could ever have imagined.

We are grateful for another year.


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