It’s been one of those days….

It’s been one of those days you wish you would never have.  This morning, we received news that a man who had been very influential in our lives, especially in my husband’s, had gone on to glory after a long struggle with ALS, leaving behind a wife and three children.  He was one of those inspirational people you look at and say, “I don’t know if I could be that way as I went through a struggle like that.”

            Tonight, I logged onto Facebook and saw updates from an organization I follow saying to pray for two families who had lost their children to cancer today.  It makes you think, you know? There are so many thoughts going through my head as I try to wrap my mind around it.

            It is days like this that make me glad God is okay with our questions. He gets that we don’t always understand or see what He is doing in the world.  At the same time, it is days like this that make me look at my life and wonder a few things. “What do I really have to complain about?” “If today was my last day, would I be able to look back at my life and be happy with the way it had gone?” “How many regrets would I have if I did look back?” I’m not a morbid person; don’t get me wrong.  Usually, I’m fairly optimistic and positive. It’s just that sometimes real life slaps me in the face and I stop and think and consider.

            We’ve had our hard times, for sure, but life is pretty good for us. We have everything we could ever want (even though we always seem to want more); our families are alive, safe, and healthy; we are both healthy; we have a home, a roof over our heads, food on our table and in our fridge.  On top of it all, we’re blessed with a wonderful church family, great friends, opportunities we never expected, and (best of all I think) two of the most adorable cats on the face of the planet. Things may not be perfect; maybe not what we expected them to be; but we can find joy in the things we do have. We are truly, truly blessed.



  1. I’ve thought many of the same things today, Mel. Today in chapel, Dr. Bud Bence spoke out of 1 Samuel 7 about Samuel’s Ebenezer stone. “Up to this point, the Lord has helped us.”
    He told a story from his own experience of God’s provision and then a very similar story about another faithful Christian servant whose story did not end as well. He said he will never in this life know the answer to why God provides and protects in some situations, but allows others to end in sorrow. “But,” he said, “I still dare to believe that He will continue to help us.”

    I heard that so poignantly this morning. My heart aches for our friends’ family today, but I still believe that God is faithful and He will continue to help us as he has helped their family through their many days of need.

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