So, I’ve seen a few friends posting lately about their children – you know, sharing their achievements, etc. etc. So I thought I would share with you about one of my “kids”…

This is Neko. Born October 6, 2011. Brother to Bernie. Best cat EVER.

Image  Image

Now, I know what you’re thinking, every cat crazy person says that about their cat. But, you guys? I MEAN it. He plays fetch. He sings a song everywhere he goes. He goes crazy over the sound of crumpling paper. He lets Buddy (my in-laws’ huge orange cat) use him as a pillow, punching bag, racing partner, whatever he might need. He puts up with his pesky little brother trying to make him fight.

Image  Image

I have owned a few cats in my lifetime.  Bernie and Neko are the second cats that are officially ours (we owned their mom for a few months before giving her away; that’s how they became a part of our family).  We almost gave Neko away – we had some people coming to look at the kittens and had a lady fall head over heels in love with him. But she never returned our calls and we quickly decided to keep both him and Bernie. Best decision we ever made.

Image  Image

I can be having the worst day and this little guy will come trucking up the stairs singing away.  He’ll drop a paper ball at your feet and be like, “Hi. We’re going to play fetch now.” If you throw that ball, he will almost always bring it back to you (the only time he doesn’t? When his A.D.D. gets the best of him and he forgets to come back. LOL.) If he loses one of those paper balls? He knows exactly where he lost it – even if it was two weeks ago – and he will go back to that spot over and over to try to find it. He makes every day better.


I’m pretty sure he would win over the most cat-hatingest (so not a word) person super easily.  If you love dogs and cats, you would be so happy to have the most amazing combination animal ever – am I right?  That’s Neko. And that’s why I love him.

Image Image

(By the way, his name comes from the Japanese word for cat.  It is supposed to be pronounced “Neck-oh”, but we pronounce it “Knee-Koh” because we didn’t always know it was supposed to be “Neck-oh”. I found out that was how it was pronounced by watching an episode of Flash Forward. Haha.)


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