This is Bernie. Born October 6, 2011. Brother to Neko.

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Bernie is a character.  His personality is like that of no other cat I have ever experienced.  He does not walk – he runs, trots, gallops, stampedes, hops, stomps – but never walks anywhere. He hates anyone getting anywhere near his face – he will fold inside out to get away from it.

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He doesn’t know how to retract his claws and often ends up stuck to things – curtains, blankets, the cover of the couch. If he gets stuck and no one’s home to help? He’ll take a nap and wait for you.


He doesn’t meow unless he’s really upset. He makes very strange clicking noises on a fairly frequent basis. He’s not much of a cuddler, but if he decides to cuddle, he always chooses my husband. I can only trick him into cuddling me if he’s already fallen asleep right beside where I sit down. He loves his baseball.  The other night, I was coming down the stairs and, as I looked down, I saw his little baseball roll out into the hall. Guess he was trying to get me to take the hint.

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Bernie actually earned his name. He and Neko were born to our cat, Phoebe, while we were living in a small apartment in Moncton.  The heat in the apartment didn’t work very well and it was often quite chilly.  When I would turn on the heater in the living room, the cats liked to get as close as possible to get warm.  One day, Bernie decided to warm his tiny little bum by setting it right on the heater – what a stink! And the bald spot! Oh dear. That’s when his name became Bernie.

He is a sweetheart.  He loves to pick on his brother and he loves to cuddle up to my husband if he’s tired enough to do so.  He LOVES food.  He is the biggest of our three cats because he loves food SOOOO much. He loves my in-laws’ huge orange cat, Buddy, and often uses him as a pillow. Buddy, in turn, treats him like his baby and can often be seen bathing him.

Image  Image

I love my boys. This is Bernie.



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