Image I really miss these kiddos.

Although I’m not able to do it full-time right now for a variety of reasons, teaching is my chosen profession and is something I am seriously passionate about.  For the past month and a half, we have been a part of a Career Exploration course for job readiness.  One of our main tasks in this course is to determine what our chosen profession or area of work would be and then begin to make steps in that direction.  Every single assessment we do, be it skills, values, experience, interests, etc. etc. etc., comes back to my being a teacher or having the gift of teaching.

Growing up, I was surrounded by so many people my age who just knew they were meant to be a doctor or a teacher or whatever it may have been. Not so with me.  From Grade 7 until Grade 11, I was certain that I would become a Marine Biologist.  In Grade 11, I determined that I would study to be a Veterinary Assistant.  A variety of things came together that meant I did not get to go off to college right after high school as I had planned.  I got a part-time job and lived at home with my parents while all my friends took off and started working towards becoming what they knew they were meant to be.

I still didn’t have the foggiest clue what I should do with my life.  At one point, I started studying Health Information Technology through DeVry University, because it was something I could do at home and something I thought would pay a lot of money.  I did really well in my classes, but I had no passion for it and stopped after two semesters.  Life happened and I found myself living at home with my parents again – working part-time again. 

This time, I was working in a daycare and really enjoying myself – but still had no clue what my purpose was.  I started looking around for local Christian colleges because I felt the need to be surrounded by a Christian community – but that was about it.  I eventually decided on Providence College and decided to study Youth Leadership, mostly just because I had enjoyed the youth pastors I had experienced.

One year at Providence and I was in the mood for something different again.  My then-boyfriend (now husband) was attending Bethany Bible College (now Kingswood University) that coming Fall and we continually joked that I should send in an application just for fun. I eventually did send in that application and things came together FAST.  I was on a plane, headed to Nova Scotia, before it really hit me what I was doing – I have never before done something so impulsive, but it felt so right!

I entered Bethany that Fall and began studying Youth Ministry. Then I switched to Christian Counselling with a Youth Ministry minor. But I still didn’t feel settled.  It took a summer working at a camp surrounded by a bunch of kids to finally sink in.  That Fall after two years of College, I switched into the Christian School Education program. 

I’ve never looked back.  I’ve never thought, “Nope, this doesn’t feel right either.”  Growing up, had you said to me I would be a teacher in the future, I would definitely have laughed in your face. I would have told you how my personality didn’t suit the position, how I was too shy to get up in front of a bunch of kids, how I wasn’t right for it AT ALL.  That’s the great thing about God. He knew all along that I was right for it. That I was built for it. That I would succeed in it.  That my skills, values, interests, hobbies – every part of it – would come together and give me the heart of a teacher. 

Nothing gives me more joy than helping someone learn something new or helping someone realize that they can do something they never thought they could before.  Since we have been in this Career Exploration course, I have been able to help other students – adults my parents’ age – to learn new skills, start to see that they do have a purpose, and that they can do things they never thought they could. And I’m not even the teacher. I just LOVE helping them. I love showing them how to do things – it just comes naturally out of me. This passion is why I am self-employed as a tutor at the moment. I only get to teach once a week – but I get to TEACH. I love every minute of it.  I love watching my student get it. I love watching her face light up when she realizes it is starting to sink in. That is the best feeling in the entire world.



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