After a week…

After a week…


I have just completed the first week of a four week placement in a Grade 2 classroom at the local public school. Last year, I fought to get into this school to no avail.  I had pretty much given up on it when the opportunity came up for a class at the Community College that would allow me a four week work placement of my choice. 

Being back in the classroom after over a year was a bit strange at first.  Being in a classroom with almost double the amount of students that I’m used to – that has been a huge adjustment.  A public school classroom is very different from a Christian school classroom in a lot of ways. But, in other ways, it’s just the same. 

I get to work one-on-one with a lot of different kids at different levels with different abilities.  I get to teach in front of a classroom – building on ideas and concepts they already know and introducing new ones.  I get to interact with the other teachers and learn from watching how they interact with the students.  For me, that’s an invaluable opportunity – every teacher has his or her own way of interacting with, disciplining and teaching the students. Every opportunity I get to observe that and learn from it is an opportunity for growth for me.

It’s also been a bit difficult getting used to being “on” all the time.  Over the last year, I have spent so much time not having to interact with people other than my family – something the introverted part of me has really enjoyed. Haha.  I’m not quite used to having to spend so much time talking and interacting, but I’m getting used to it.

I am loving every minute of being back in the classroom. There are still adjustments I need to make, but I feel that growth is good – especially when it will benefit me down the road.  Being able to interact with students and see them learn and grasp concepts is what my heart loves.  It’s what I crave being able to do.

In other news, being in the school has been extremely beneficial to my tutoring business.  I already have another student booked and I spoke today with a mother who wants me to begin tutoring her two daughters.  The teacher that I work with told me about a room in the school that I may be able to use so that I can start tutoring right at the school instead of at the library.  All of these things make me very excited!


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