This little bald critter was a really good friend to me over the past year and a half. Born August 26, 2011, I raised him and his brother from birth.  Their cage is located right beside my computer desk, so we spend a lot of time together.  His name is Uggs and his brother is Tugs – he has also gone by Ugly (very affectionately), Uggy, and Ugg.  I never thought I would like rats. Let alone love them. This little guy was very instrumental in changing my mind.  He was the only hairless rat in a litter of ten.  At first, we thought he was a runt or had something wrong with him – turns out he just liked the bald look.  As a hairless rat, his whiskers were not straight – they were curly and fuzzy, pointing every which way.  He absolutely loved to eat.  When he was a tiny little fellow, and we still thought he was a runt, he had a special little shoe box lined with a towel which I would take him out of his cage in. He would sit with me while I watched TV, munching on sunflower seeds, cereal, pretty much whatever I would put in his box for him to snack on.  And sometimes on the box, too.  He knew the word “snack” or “treat” from the time he was a little guy and would be the first at the front of the cage to grab whatever I might have for him. His favourite were yogurt drops.  Over the last month or so, he had gone downhill and, as it turned out, had had multiple strokes, which resulted in his not being able to move properly and, eventually, able to move at all.  I felt so bad for this energetic little critter that he wasn’t able to be himself.  We will definitely miss him a lot and so will his big brother. They were always so cute all snuggled up in a corner of the cage together.

Image Image


 R.I.P. Uggs. August 26, 2011 – April 1, 2013.


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