Five years ago today…

Five years ago today, I was at the church preparing to go into the rehearsal for my wedding when my aunt called my cell phone and said she and my grandmother had missed their flight. They wouldn’t be able to come to my wedding.  More than that, they were supposed to meet my great-aunt and best friend from Japan at the airport and drive them down to Shelburne.  I was so incredibly upset sitting on the steps of the church getting this news.

Everyone started looking for someone who could drive us to Halifax to pick up Auntie Julia and Emika.  Pastor Ed kindly said that he would take us – even though it would mean not getting back until at least 3 A.M. and having to perform the wedding the next day.  Stephen’s Uncle Rob offered to come along, which we very much appreciated.  We rushed through the rehearsal and hit the highway for Halifax. 

We met Auntie Julia at the airport and waited anxiously for Emika’s plane to come in from Japan. I was so happy to see my best friend.  You know someone is a real friend when they find out the date of your wedding a week before and they make the trip from Japan to be there. I am so grateful to her for making that effort.  We all piled into Pastor Ed’s van and hit the road back to Shelburne.  We arrived around 3:30 A.M., dropped off Auntie Julia at her motel, and Emika and me at Stephen’s Aunt Melanie’s, where we stayed that night.  Ed dropped Stephen off at home and we all tried to get some sleep. What an adventure the day before our wedding!


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